a unique language experience

You are a student, an expat or a person who would like to take a break to learn Spanish in Spain…How can you avoid getting lost with so many schools offering the same at standardized or different prices?

We are a consulting agency of bespoke linguistic courses…

For the same price, LanguageDome is offering a bespoke qualified program! A secure and excellent service without additional costs!

The advantages

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Improving your pronunciation is an important part of the language learning process. We offer private classes in pronunciation and intonation to help improve your Spanish accent and correct the common mistakes, all with a certified speech therapist.

Spanish courses

Learn and practice Spanish daily in a dynamic and creative way to gain confidence and fluidity. Our classes are adapted to your rhythm and allow for fast and efficient learning.


To make the most of your stay in Spain, it is important to be at ease from the very first day of your trip. Quality accommodation is essential to making your time spent in Spain really enjoyable. We have independent and non-traditional options that adapt to your needs and your budget.


Enjoy complementary activities customized according to your tastes. Let us know your interests and we will do everything possible to adapt your program to your needs with activities and bespoke services designed just for you!

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain is an amazing experience! Spain’s charm attracts thousands of tourists and the kindness of the locals makes it a favorite destination among both students and professionals.

Discover its rich culture and fascinating history, while soaking up the sun and enjoying, its history, its weather and its diverse gastronomic offerings.

Live Spanish with us!

4 to 6 weeks stay

You do not have a lot of time and you are looking for a complete immersion? Select our special weekly stay for a Spanish learning system that combines Spanish courses with private conversation classes.

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school + accommodation + activities

school + accommodation + activities + private classes + speech therapist + conversation

1 to 3 months stay

You have some time to get away and are looking to perfect the Spanish language? We have the solution: a mix of standard classes and professional theme conversation with, a certified speech therapist (assessment included), an extensive choice of accommodation, activities and a guided tour.

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4 to 12 months stay

You want to live some time in Spain so that you can become completely fluent in Spanish? Select the MLB personalized program, adapted to your needs for an almost total integration into the local lifestyle.

A combination of standard classes and personalized theme conversation, a speech therapist, (assessment included), private accommodation, activities, two guided tours and the opportunity to engage in the spanish social life.

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school + accommodation + activities + private classes + speech therapist + coach

Clients who shared their experience with us

I have studied in different language schools before and I had always felt that something was missing. With MLB I discovered a different way to learn Spanish. Apart from learning the language I had the chance to practice it with different people and this is something that is not offered in all programs. It was the best experience I had.

Julia, Boston, United States

I am French and I always had difficulty to speak another language without too much accent, I always had a lot of problems with being understood and people kept asking where I was from. In less than two months of classes with a speech therapist, Martha from MLB, people almost think that I am Spanish. It was an incredible experience! Thank you MLB!

Quentin, Paris, France

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